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Alright, it`s been a while (sorry for that!) but now I will answer the questions!

Thanks for tagging me, Dusk1002!! ^^

1. Describe yourself personally.

~ Uh well okay :D I am a small person with strong senses of life. I want to change so much ( I am always finding new things :)) and I am trying to help people. Well, I love to draw and paint.
My other hobbies are: Cuddling my cat, jogging, riding my bike,

2. If you could pick one occupation, what would it be?

~ Ahaha, again :D Well, I am not very sure about it (thats my problem...). But enviromental science is great.

3. If you could choose one super power to have for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Be Creative!)

~ uuhh....... Either flying..(with wings, whoa I can`t imagine how it`s like flying like a bird....So free...) or getting very fast at running :D

But, I guess, flying ^^

4. If you were given three wishes that would automatically come true, what would they be?

~ aaarg, :D:D:D:D

1. End of all wars (weapons for this use should be forbidden..)
2. End of all pain and sorrow that is caused by cruelity (animals and humans)
3. A bigger world...

5. What is your most favorite animal?

~ A wolf!!!!!

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

~ In my free time..... Hmm... Drawing, sports, reading, cuddling with my boyfriend ^^

7. Where would you be 5 years from now, and what would you want to be doing? (I KNOW I STOLE THIS QUESTION BECAUSE ITS A GOOD QUESTION!!)

~ Yeah, indeed :D

Well, at first I want to get a family. And then, I want to work in the enviromental politics ^^

8. If you could, travel and explore the universe of space, or travel through time?

~ Through time!!!!

9. What do you prefer as a pet? Dogs or cats?

~ Cat! Because Sammy is sooooo damn cute!!! ^^ (But I still remind me every time, that for a cat many other animals need to die..... Only for feeding my cat.... It is a difficult theme, I adopted my cat because he is old and no one wanted him)

10. If you could change your name, to anything you want, what would you change it to? And why?

~ I know that question :D:D Chantal (But it`s a name, most prostitutes are using....)

11. There are two paths, one path has $1,000,000 cash, the other has a briefcase that may or may not have more than $1,000,000 cash inside of it. Which path do you take?

~ I should take the 1 billion dollars :D For sure

12. If you could do any fun and/or exciting activity, what would you want to do?

~ Uuuhh...... Paragliding and diving :D

13. What's your favorite movie genre?

~ Thriller :) I love them

Shyerue  Alright, a new round then.

How about this is our last round in the official. If you have other questions, just ask me and send me notes or per the app on our handies :D:D:D

Alight, you will get a challenge after the answers you get from me. I will draw a painting of our favourite character and I will choose, how it looks like. Would you want to try to write a story for that? :D Or not?

1. What was the last picture you took with your phone ?

~ Uhm today, I took a photograph of my english paper I have to use for my science-essay. I send it to you a few minuts ago XD

2. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop ? xD (I have, and I don't even have a license -.- xD)

~Pulled over?..... No, but one stopped me because I rode on the sidewalk with my bike instead of the streets :D

3. What is your blood type ?

~ .....Honestly? I don`t know it. Maybe AB.......

4. Are you donating blood ? :3

~ I would love to.... I would love to donate blood plasma too but I have a heart disease and only weight 46 kg, too light.

5. If you could wake up the next morning in the body of someone else, who would it be ? :D (Big Grin)

~ My boyfriend ALEX!!! Or Piers Nivans. I would want to know how the life is going as a man instead as a woman.  Maybe an animal too, but I would run around naked... That would be gross....

6. Who is your hero ?

~ Piers Nivans. In real life, I would of choose brave people, normal people whose are helping everyone.

7. Have you ever been in a food fight ?

~ yeah.... Twice. In the first fight, my boyfriend ate as much Currywurst as he could - against a friend. In the second one, I had to eat something very gross...... Mixed things with sauces and raw mushrooms, not very tasty I can tell you.

8. Where exactly is this tagging thing going ? xDD

~.... Um, for now = in challenges maybe? :D:D I hope they will be funny :D

9. Your dream vacation ?

~ In mountains or in Japan *-*

10. Are you wearing socks right now ? xD

~ Nope, I am barefoot right now in our cold apartment :D:D:D

11. Did you have an Advent calendar last year ? :3

~ Nope, I can`t eat milky things :D:D:D

12. Ballpen or pen ? xD

~ uuh....pen, pen.....Surely, Pen. PEN

13. Do you think anyone else is interested in the things we ask each other here ? xDD

~ nope, I don`t think so :D But it is for us both and as long we have fun I will be happy to continue the messaging and challenging with ya :D
So now, Shyerue  it is my time again :D

Well let`s start it :D

1. Are you lazy ?

~ Normally, I am not a lazy person. I am doing very much but scince christmas I got lazy, yeah :D

2. The best thing you can eat for breakfast ?

~ Normally, I am not eating breakfast xDD But if I would do it, I would only eat fruits and indian Chai Tea.
I can`t eat milk and hate bread, soo :D:D

3. How about I write a Piers Nivans x Reader and you draw something in return ?

YEAH!!!! Just write it and describe a scene you want me to draw. It doesn`t matter which one (kissing, hugging, looking at each other, doing funny things, get to know each other, etc).
But I am drawing Piers with scars (I love him being infected. You can choose :D I also love his exra parts I added or his mutated arm :D)

4. Are you singing under the shower ? XD

~ I have to admit.............................Yeah, sometimes....... Shame*

5. Something awkward that happened in front of your parents ?

~ Yeah... When my mother came into my room when I was....busy you know. But otherwise, I am behaving well in front of them, despite of the fact that I am trying to help them getting healthier :D

6. The happiest moment of your life ? :3

~ Well, that is really difficult:D:D When I got to know my boyfriend, Alex. It is now almost 6 years ago :D

7. If you could meet a celebrity of your choice, who would it be ?

~ Uuuhhhh... I would choose Shin Dong Hyuk. Damn, I am a bad person with names :D

8. Do you know a funny joke which you can tell me ? (Either German or English

~ .......... Uuuhh... Yeah okay. My aunt told it last christmas.

Ein Mann geht in die Kneipe und setzt sich an den Tresen. Als der Wirt fragt was er will, antwortet er: "Ich wette mit Dir um ein Bier, dass ich etwas in meiner Tasche habe, das Du noch nie gesehen hast!"
Der Wirt, mit allen Wassern gewaschen, geht auf die Wette ein.
Daraufhin öffnet der Gast seine Jackentasche und holt ein kleines 30cm grosses Männchen heraus und stellt es auf den Tresen.
Das Männchen sieht aus wie der berühmte Autor Simmel und geht den Tresen entlang, schüttelt jedem Gast die Hand und sagt: "Guten Tag, sehr erfreut, mein Name ist Simmel, ich bin Literat."
Der Wirt, der sowas noch nie gesehen hat, ist völlig aus dem Häuschen und fragte ihn, woher er das Männchen hat. Daraufhin antwortet ihm der Gast:" Geh raus, die Strasse entlang, bis Du an eine Ecke mit einer Laterne kommst. Dann reibe an der Laterne und es erscheint Dir eine gute Fee."
Der Wirt rennt sofort los, kommt bei der Laterne an und befolgt die Anweisungen des Gastes.
Daraufhin erscheint ihm die gute Fee und gewährt ihm einen Wunsch.
Der Wirt überlegt nicht lange und sagt: "Ich hätte gerne 5 Millionen in kleinen Scheinen."
Die Fee klopft mit ihrem Zauberstab an die Laterne und 'Puff...', der Wirt hat 5 Melonen in der Hand und um ihn herum lauter kleine Schweine.
Stinksauer geht er zu seiner Kneipe zurück und sieht seinen Gast noch am Tresen stehen. Er geht zu ihm und schimpft: "Deine Fee ist wohl schwerhörig, ich wollte 5 Millionen in kleinen Scheinen und bekomme 5 Melonen und lauter kleine Schweine."
Da sagt der Gast: "Klar ist sie schwerhörig, oder dachtest du allen ernstes, ich wünsche mir einen 30 cm grossen Simmel???"

I just had to look in the internet :D

9. Early bird or late riser ?

~ Normally early, the same with the first question :D Scince christmas, late riser :D

10. Favourite day of the week ?

~ Wednesday, because it`s mine and my boyfriends day -^-^-

11. Have you got tattoos or would you like to get one ?

~ No no no, never ^^

12. Do you like traveling by train ? XD

~ Not really... I like traveling with a car. Bus or train isn`t my favourite thing ahaha :D

13. Why are we doing this ? XD

~ Because we are two little crazy girls/women !!! :D

Alright alright, now mine again :D

01. How do you think would Piers Nivans act if he survives and meets his Captain and friends/family?
02. Do you think he would come back uninfected or still infected (monster, infected human like Simmons) ?
03. What do you need more often? Google Translator vs. Leo
04. Which german TV transmitter do you prefer?
05. Are you believing in the theory of another living in another galaxy and planet? (Aliens)
06. Do you think, insects have an own personality?
07. Tell me a funny joke of yourself :D
08. What is more important to you, having your smell sense, your hearing sense, your tasting sense or your seeing sense?
09. Do you like monkeys?
10. Which kind of things would you choose if you are catched in an island? (choose 5)
11. Do you like our countries politics? :D
12. I am out of questions – could you help me? :D
13. Did you enjoy my questions? :D

Whooaaa I did it!!! Okay, now your turn again!!!

Alright girly, I will challenge you!

1. Do you have pets ? :3

~ Yeah, my 13 years old cat Sammy ^^

2. Did you ever go abroad ?

~ Yea, I was in Denmark and once in Ungarn. In the future, I wanna see different countries of asia :)

3. Are you wearing glasses or contacts ?

~ none ^^

4. Are you dyeing your hair ?

~ uuuh.... No. But I am using chamomile or lemon with Shampoo to get my blonde a bit brighter. Without the hair getting damaged ^^  And beer (really) makes your hair smoother.

5. What do you prefer ? Hamburger or Cheeseburger or Veggie ?

~ Sorry, I hate burgers :D  But I love chinese and indian food.

6. Did you ever get parking tickets ?

~ Yeah, three times because I thought they wouldn`t get me :D I just tested.

7. What languages do you speak ?

~ German, like you ^^  English and japanese (I want to learn russian too)

8. Your dream job as a child ? :3

~ A vet, but bad thing is that I can`t see blood......

9. Do you smoke ? O.O

~ NO!!!!! Of course not :D  I hate the scent of smoke.... I am still trying to stop the smoking of my brother.

10. Tea or coffee ?

~ Tea, the best is the indian Chai Tea, just give it a try ^^ (I can give ya the recipe)

11. How tall are you ?

~ Not very...... For a 23 years old woman I am only 1,61 meters tall (about 5 feet and 3 inches)

12. Do you have an OTP ? :D (Big Grin)

~ o.o........What the fuck is that?

13. What is the meaning of life ? Don't you dare google it up and insert a Wikipedia quote xDDD

Damn it..... I am not you :D:D:D

The meaning of life in my opinion is to dare, to survive, beauty, to take decisions or choices, to get emotions and to be one part of a whole universe. Life is everything around you. Plants, animals (humans are animals as well, mammals), bacteria, viruses and even things we humans just don`t know it exists.

Meaning of life is different, everyone sees it in another way. But the most it means to decide (within emotions) and to continue with all your might.

Alright girly, now it`s my time :D

01. What are you doing in your free time?
02. What are you doing when you are bored?
03. What would you do if your classmate is teasing you?
04. What would you say to an owl?
05. Would you ever try a cocktail named "Sex on the Beach"?
06. Your favourite alcohol?
07. Your favourite month? And why?
08. Disco, Billiard or Gaming? With friends of course.
09. Would you do everything in the game "Truth and Dare"?
10. The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings?
11. Do you like Disney? Which Disney Movie was the best when you were a kid?
12. Can you update your newest book on Wattpad (Piers Nivans) ?? :P
13. In my case now, what would you do if your 13 years old male and fat cat would wait behind your door, you are seeing him but still pissed that he teased you all day, and is begging to get in to tease you even more?

Deal with it, Shyerue    :D:D:D
Okay okay, I hope the people don`t tag me back from now on :D

I will answer your questions, Dusk1002, but I won`t tag others because it`s too much :D

1. Describe yourself personally.

~ I am a funny person with all kinds of humor (silly, black, etc..). I like to help the people scince I am a teenie, loved people or strangers. It doesn`t matter. I am a person, who has a great fantasy. I love everthing that includes fantasy. I am watching my own behaviour and what I eat or buy (consume). Uuuh.... I am a good listener....What else should I say? I love drawing, sports and chilling (Specificially playing with friends basketball in summer, billiard in winter and Bomberman in my living room :D)

2. If you could pick one occupation, what would it be?

~It is very difficult because even if I am 23, I still don`t know exactly, what I want to be. I would choose a job, with which I can clear some things that includes enviromental science.

renewable energy, ecotoxicology, pollution scientist or something like that.  I will choose in time ^^

Important is that I don`t get an office job only but can travel through the world or my country.

3. If you could choose one super power to have for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Be Creative!)

~xDDD again. Okay. I would choose speed or flying. I guess, flying the most because I am imaging it as very funny and helpful for my job. Wings would be awesome (I don`t want to look like a flying stick that doesn`t move but fly up in the sky, that is odd)

4. If you were given three wishes that would automatically come true, what would they be?

~ oh good, not only one wish :D

1) I would want to end the pain in the world. Of animals (including each possible way: testing, facilty, pet hurting, killing for skin/pelt, trash in the oceans, enviromental pollution, captivity in zoos/circus and and and) and humans (hunger, wars, torturing, pollution in food/water, killing and and and).

2) Having anther world/bigger earth for us so everyone can live in it without the most trouble we have right now (and in the future with almost 10 billion humans).

3) An own family *-* (two boys, one girl xD)

5. What is your most favorite animal?

~ Wolves, of course. They stand for individualism, family, caring, wildness, regulation and strenght.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

~I love drawing/painting. I like to spend my time with my boyfriend or friends. Uuuh...Cuddling Sammy. Getting my own tomatoes?

7. Where would you be 5 years from now, and what would you want to be doing? (I KNOW I STOLE THIS QUESTION BECAUSE ITS A GOOD QUESTION!!)

~ ahaha okay. In 5 years I wanna have my own family. With that, I could have enough time to paint my real big paintings I started 8 years ago. And I want to paint my first big-BIG painting, so I can put it into our living room :D

8. If you could, travel and explore the universe of space, or travel through time?

~ A decision? I would choose the travel through time ^^

9. What do you prefer as a pet? Dogs or cats?

~ Cats, they are so adorable :D

10. If you could change your name, to anything you want, what would you change it to? And why?

~ .................................. Damn it. Chantal, because I like the name and how we germans spell it. But...........Bad part is that it is a name, most prostitutes are using....

11. There are two paths, one path has $1,000,000 cash, the other has a briefcase that may or may not have more than $1,000,000 cash inside of it. Which path do you take?

~ aah, a dare game. ........ Typicially, I am a risky person... But with this....I think I would choose the first one.

12. If you could do any fun and/or exciting activity, what would you want to do?

~ Paragliding!

13. What's your favorite movie genre?

~ Thriller, honestly, Thriller.

Thank you, Dusk1002 :D:D  And your answers were very interesting ^^
Alight alright, because you two kept tagging me, I will take revenge with this!!!

I will change the rules right now because I only will tag you two!

Here are the 13 questions of Shyerue : ;)

1. Showering or bathing ?

~ Strange question :D
Bathing is so much better because it`s more comfortable and warm *-*
I love it ^^~

2. Can you explain to me how someone can kick someone's ass by accident ? xD

~Well, easily: Running and slipping, kicking your forward partner`s ass hard (Happened to me a few weeks ago while running on ice with a friend, my butt hurt like hell but yeah)~

3. What is your zodiac sign ?

~I almost said bull, but I am a Taurus :) And I love it ^^ (Hell I will kick your ass!!!)
In chinese zodiac years, I am a monkey, smart and badass xD~

4. Do you have that god given talent to take good selfies ?

~..................................Uh.....What? Never, Really, never.....~

5. Do you like this typical smell of a car workshop ?

~Nope, nope,nope,nope. I really hate car smells in every way :D~

6. The last 3 songs you heard ?

~Naruto Opening (Lie-Lie-Lie, because my boyfriend is hearing it right now), Linkin Park - Crawling (edited version) aaaaaaaaaand Taio Cruz - Dynamite

7. Whom belongs Skyrim ?

~ *scratches head* What is that?~

8. Summer or Winter ?

~Summer!!!! Always summer! I am living in the north of germany and I hate cold weather (COld weather with snow is good but not with rain all day)~

9. If you had the power to do everything you want, what would you do ?

~This question appeared 2 or 3 times :D

I will kick your ass accidently ^^~

10. Favourite superpower ?

~Speed or Fly  (I saw the question before :D)

11. Would you do everything to save someone you love ?

~I would die for someone who is important to me, so I guess so. I already had an car accident (me on bike) because I cared for my boyfriend

12. E-books or normal books ?

~ I never read a story with an Ebook, so I would take a book ^^

But I hate the fact that books are taking too much place~

13. Did you like these few questions ? :D (Big Grin)

~ They were nice ^^ Specificially the second one ~

So, now mine:

01. Would you dare to challenge me? :D
02. (We three are Piers Nivans Fans) Why? :D
03. Dog or Cat?
04. Thriller or Comedy?
05. Would you upload videos in youtube, in which you're good at?
06. Do you write a diary?
07. Do you think it is awkward to go to the toilet when someone can hear you?
08. What did you do in your past that makes you proud?
09. Piers Nivans - Alive or Dead? Mutated or "Vaccined" xD
10. Your favourite game please?
11. Dare or truth - Would you ever dare to go ino the disco, meeting a guy, talking to him for a while, liking him and then when he brought you home, throwing a fish into his face?
12. Your most awkward dream?
13. Of what are you thinking the most?




There are two People, who tagged me, so I am responding to all your answers in this journal :D:D

-RULES- have to repost ALL the Rules 

2.Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

3.answer 13 questions asked to you and then invent 13 questions the people you tag will HAVE to answer

4.choose 13 people have to legitamately tag 13 people CAN'T say you don't do tags

7.Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8.YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry

9.FINISH WITHIN A WEEK, IF NOT YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT CREATOR SAYS!!! creative with title no ''i got tagged stuff'' (Still, difficult)


1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Uh..... Star Wars, even when I don`t like them both :D

2. Writing or Drawing?

Drawing!!!! Of course :D But both are great and make fun ^^

3. Two things you'd take with u on a stranded island?

Okay, that`s a bit difficult..... Well if I had to choose only two things, I would take a knife of course and my football Willi (With the bloody handprint hahahaha) Without joke, the second thing would be a blanket (Can be very useful)

4. Next drawing idea?

Oh there are a lot :D My cat, Ginga Nagareboshi characters, Ginga Densetsu Weed Characters, Pirates of the Carribbean characters and a few Tutorials for the people and Captain-AlbertWesker :)

5. If you could go back in time what year would u go to why?

4 years and 11 months in the time, when I came closer to my boyfriend. I would tell him immeadiately what I feel to get him *-* (And I am still waiting for the question...)

6. Fav superhero?

Uuuuuh........Superhero in real meaning? My boyfriend :D In games: Piers Nivans (Because he died as a true hero T.T)

7. What is your fav Video game?


8. Biggest accomplishment?

.............Difficult, at University 1.0 in enviromental chemicals and pollution. In real life, I gave a few people the will to live happily before they died.....

9. Fav holiday?

SUMMER *-* When it is more than 50 °F in germany xD

10. Do u have a nickname and if so what is it?

Ara, Arashii

11. Any crushes?

Yes, my boyfriend ^^

12. Fav subject in school?


13. If u had a spirit animal what would it be and why?

I guess a wolf, because a wolf is the meaning of protection and family. Also, the wolf is the epitome of hunted animals and raping the nature by humans.


1.If you had any super what would it be?

Super Power? Flying! I would love to fly ^^ Or Speed

2.If you could change your name what would it be and why?

Uuuuhhhhhh............. Kiddo......Honestly? I just don`t know maybe Chantal.

3.Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla ^^

4.Movies or Books?

......Movies, I am too lazy :D

5.Favorite holliday?


6.What would you change in your life?

.....If I could change it, avoiding my parents to die from cancer and diabetes. Married to my boyfriend and having a family and of course, have a job that could help the enviroment.

7.MA WILL YOU ADOPT ME? (i hope she knows that question was for her...)

Yeah^^ *Cuddle

8.Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?

Bunny! I like rabbits, but I don`t know them very well. I know Donald Duck from my past and the other things of Disney (Specificially Lion King)

9.Spongebob or Patrick?


10.ummmmmm hmmm ugh umm favorite video game?

Resident Evil 6 (Sometimes, The Last Of Us

11.You have three wishes, what are your wishes and why did you choose them?

a) Stop all cruelity on world
b) Happiness and peace for everyone
c) Having an own family that makes me happy

I am more caring about others than myself, but to make special people happy, I have to be happy too^^



13.What's your plan for the new year?

........Finishing my university Bachelor graduation. Taking a walk and jog each day, getting my first kid, eating only once meat a week, cooking more asian things, doing more with my cat to make Sammy more happier^^


01. Why does "Tarzan" have no beard?
02. How would be your dream date?
03. What is the most dumb thing you did in your past?
04. What would you like to try, but don`t dare?
05. What is your dream job?
06. Your favourite character in "Southpark"?
07. If you are not yourself, would you want to meet you then?
08. Are there things you are really believing in?
09. What would you do if someone kicks your ass accidently?
10. What do you think is the meaning of artwork?
11. What kind of pet is your favourite one? Why?
12. Whose kind of things are the most important in your life?
13. What was the most funny thing you did?



~RULES~ have to repost ALL the Rules 

2.Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
(?? The questions?)

3.answer 13 questions asked to you and then invent 13 questions the people you tag will HAVE to answer 
(Alright :D)

4.choose 13 people
(difficult) have to legitamately tag 13 people
(got it) CAN'T say you don't do tags

7.Tag-backs are ALLOWED 
(good for revenge)

8.YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry

(Omg please no) creative with title no ''i got tagged stuff''


1.Marvel or Avenger, explain thy meaning

Uh.....I guess Marvel, even when the movie "Avengers" comes from Marvel :)

I only like Spider Man and Kick Ass :D


What? o.o

3.The Walking Dead or Fear Of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead, of course :D Fear The Walking Dead is only to make money and is nothing against the true one in my opinion :D


4.Sans or Papyrus?

What are you meaning, kiddo? :D

5.Are we friends?

Of course, little devil :*

6.What do you do for fun?

Honestly? I am drawing, tickling my boyfriend until he yells at me, running around with strange noises (playing with Sammy), asking people very funny qeustions, challenging with my friends on the streets, throwing a snowball directly into faces, waking my best friend up with cold water, climbing up trees, jogging, basketball in summer,swimming, so much things :D

7.Candy or Icecream?

Icecream, if it is without milk ^^

8.Swimming or Hiking?

Oh....That`s not easy.....Both!

9.Digital or Paper?



Yeah....Your and my favourite animal, I know :D:D

11.Chris Redfield or Piervs Nivans (choose wisely Nivans is mine...)

Of course Piers Nivans kiddo, what do you think?

12.Night or Day?

Night, I guess

13.You have the power to fix only one thing, you will die once fixing it, you won't be remembered for fixing it, but be remembered for the horrible things you've done or most embarrising things you've done. but what you fixed will be forever fixed. What will you do?

Damn it. To fix something and die after it without being remembered? I would fix all the cruelity away from the world, inclusing animal suffering, humans suffering and nature suffering. I want the wars to end, I want the hunger to end as well as the trashing, testing, pollution and pain.

I am dead then, I don`t care if people will forget me and think about me the bad way, because it`s enough to know that the cruelity stopped and the peace will overcome the world with all their beings^^


01. Describe yourself in 5 words ^^ , please?
02. What would you do if someone spits in your face? Haha (tensing for the answers)
03. Where do you want to be in 5 years and what are your goals in your life?
04. Did you fart in the public? What did you do then? :D
05. If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?
06. What is the most craziest thing you did and want to do in your life?
07. Did you throw up because you drank too much alcohol? If yes, when was the last time?
08. Did you ever talk to a stranger? If yes, what did you say??
09. Imagine you were the king of germany/america for a week, what would you change and do?
10. Waking up early VS. Sleeping long? (Damn it, don`t know the words in english)
11. Are you hoping that you are sitting in the bus/streetcar alone on two seats? If someone sit down next to you, what are you doing?
12. What would you do/say if you meet the most hatred person in your life? xD
13. What scares you off the most?

Oh there were so many more questions :D:D:D